About Us

This site is provided by Goth & Company, a local Edmonton trustee firm, as a free resource for residents of Edmonton, Alberta.

About Goth & Company Inc.

Serving the residents of  Edmonton and Northern Alberta since 1993, we have help thousands of people and businesses find a way to deal with their debt and move on to a brighter financial future.  By making it a priority to listen and educate before we act we have developed a reputation for being kind, compassionate, and understanding.

As licensed Proposal Administrators and Trustees in Bankruptcy, we are part of the only group of professionals licensed by the Federal Government to provide information on all the options available to deal with your debts.  So regardless of whether you are just beginning to feel the pressure of your debt, or are unable to breathe as a result of the unrelenting pressure being applied by your creditors.  We will work with you, to review all the options available, develop a plan to put an end to the stress and in the process helped people  regain control of your finances and move on to better lives.

Why we are different 

The biggest difference you will find is our people and our commitment to providing the best quality, the best service and the best advice.  To do this we ensure that you will always:

Talk to a person on the phone.  At Goth & Company we believe that you should be able to discuss your finances with real people, not computers.  As such, if you call our office during office hours you can expect to talk to an experienced professional who will be committed to helping you understand who we are, what we do and how we can help!

Meeting with an experienced Professional.  When dealing with something as sensitive as your finances it is essential you are able to meet with experienced, licensed professionals.  Unlike firms that are only interested in a large client volume, at Goth & Company we are different.  When you come in to discuss your finances you will meet directly with an experienced insolvency professional, who you can trust will have the background and ability to help you at this critical time.

Free consultation.  At Goth & Company if you need to talk you don’t have to worry about cost.  Everyone will be provided a free consultation with a Trustee – many Trustee firms delegate this important function to a less experienced administrator  or junior staff member who may not recognize certain issues affecting you or someone who may be a co-signor, co-borrower and so on. Your decision is too important for that and at Goth & Company our priority is helping you obtain the qualified advice you need and deserve.

Little or no waiting.  At Goth & Company we understand the amount of stress finances can cause and we don’t want that to go on longer than it needs.  So our staff will work with you to find an available time to meet with our qualified staff as quickly as possibe, in many cases the same day you call if that is what is requried.

Approach.  At Goth & Company our approach is different.  We believe the best way to build a business and a reputation is by focusing not on the numbers but on the people.  So you will never get the high pressured sales techniqes, we see our job as first helping you understand the situation and second help you to develop a plan to put the debts behind you, regardless of whether it involves our services or not.  So you can truste that we  will listen to your needs, help you to recognize any potentional issues, offer sound practical advice and can make decisions regarding fees.

Why you should contact us

Our job is to help you understand your options, and, we will do this for free. When you meet with us, you will be given clear, practical explanations of your legal options to resolve your debts. You will meet with a senior member of our team whose focus will be on understanding your situation and advising you of your legal rights.

We are approachable, experienced, and friendly. Book a free consultation today and spend some time with us to understand what you need to know about solving your financial problems.

Call 780-435-5110 today to or request a free online assessment to start the process of achieving a fresh financial start.